Counseling Services I Offer Include:

  • Individual Counseling .
  • Dating and Couples Counseling.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Family and  Stepfamily Counseling.
  • Group Counseling.

Typical Counseling Issues

While specific issues vary, the following are some typical counseling issues:

  • Individuals:

anxiety, depression, grief, loss, divorce, dating, relationships,

life  transitions, careers, family, spirituality, and college life.

  • Dating and Couples:

forming healthy relationships, grief and loss of relationships,

separation, divorce, and adjustment.

  • Pre-marital Couples:

finances, roles, children, couple identify, lifestyle.

  • Families 
  • Individual Therapy:
  • Couples Therapy: For couples who are dating, engaged, married etc.
  • Group Therapy: Will offer parenting groups soon!
  • Expressive Therapy: Connecting art and help. This includes meditation, mindfulness, drawing, coloring, somatic therapy etc.

Rates & Insurance Services

I currently accept Aetna and Blue Cross & Blue Shield along with out of the network providers. I offer a sliding scale based on your self reported income ($90-$120).